MACIS 2011: Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences

MACIS is a series of conferences where foundational research on theoretical and practical problems of mathematics for computing and information processing may be presented and discussed. MACIS also addresses experimental and case studies, scientific and engineering computation, design and implementation of algorithms and software systems, and applications of mathematical methods and tools to outstanding and emerging problems in applied computer and information sciences. Each conference focuses on two or three themes.


Conference Themes and Topics

- Design and Analysis of Complex Systems

Software systems; hardware systems; control systems; biological systems; physical systems; dynamical systems; hybrid (e.g. cyber-physical) systems; nondeterministic/uncertain systems; mathematical modeling; simulation; formal verification; systems/controller synthesis; computational techniques and tools

- Numeric and Symbolic Constraint Solving

Systems of equations; quantifier elimination and decision procedures; (global) optimization; differential equations; numeric, symbolic, interval and hybrid solution techniques; application, especially in systems analysis and design; proof obligations in formal verification

- Cryptography and Coding Theory

Error-correcting codes; decoding algorithms; related combinatorial and complexity problems; algorithmic aspects of cryptology; symmetric cryptology; public-key cryptography; cryptanalysis; computational and algebraic paradigms in postquantum cryptology; discrete mathematics and algorithmic tools related to coding and cryptography; boolean functions; sequences; computation in finite fields and related algebraic systems

Previous MACIS

MACIS 2006 (Beijing), MACIS 2007 (Paris), MACIS 2009 (Fukuoka)

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MACIS 2011 is sponsored by

- School of Mathematics and Systems Science, Beihang University
- International Division, Beihang University

Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Behavioral Semantics,
  Ministry of Education of China
- State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment

Important Dates


Submission of papers/extended abstracts

Notification of acceptance or rejection

Conference taking place

Deadline for full paper submission



August 10, 2011 (EXTENDED)

September 5-11, 2011

October 19-21, 2011

December 15, 2011

Follow-up Special Issue of Mathematics in Computer Science  (MCS)


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